Lucifer season 5 ending: Chloe Decker to die in shootout? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Lucifer season 5 ending: Chloe Decker to die in shootout? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) season four saw the devil and his lover Chloe Decker (Lauren German) part ways as Lucifer returned to hell to battle the demons.

Since the ending didn’t see the pair reunite, fans have been speculating if the two will meet again and one fan theory speculates season five will see them reunite in an unexpected place.

Although Chloe is a good mortal, who doesn’t seem to belong in hell, one reddit user took to the site to share why they think she could end up there.

The user said: “I think Chloe dies on earth in a cop shootout and goes to Hell for loving Lucifer, but her body gets possessed by Lilith and she meets lucifer in Hell.

“Lucifer notices Lilith is missing and together they go back to earth to reclaim Chloe’s body and bring Lilith back to Hell, and then either Chloe becomes queen of Hell alongside Lucifer, or they make something up for why she can go back to earth (Maybe with Gods Help?)

“And everything goes back to normal, with lucifer occasionally having set vacations to earth.”

The theory not only touches on Chloe being sent to hell for loving Lucifer, but a reunion with God.

Indeed, multiple fans have been suspecting Lucifer and God will reunite in the next outing.

With the fandom’s eagerness to uncover the “familiar character” before the next outing is released, many theories have taken over Reddit suggesting God will make a comeback this season.

Taking to Reddit, user MediocreSalad1 said: “Ok this is going to sound extreme, but what if the familiar character in hell that we will see in S5 that the writers have mentioned is God.

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“Maybe god sends himself to hell for treating Lucifer so bad for all of time.

“And after seeing what he made Lucifer do (leave his first love for hell) he feels that he needs to punish himself to help his guilty conscience.

“This will lead to him and Lucifer meeting in hell, and then God helps luci get together with Chloe to redeem himself to his lost son.”

Could God end up arriving in hell to help Chloe and Lucifer reunite?

Fans were quick to comment on the thread, sharing who they think the familiar character could be.

However, it is possible the familiar face could be Eve after showrunners teased her return.

In conversation with TV Insider, showrunner Joe Henderson discussed the possibility of Eve’s return.

Joe said: “The impish original sinner left Los Angeles — and smitten demon Maze to go find herself.

“That ambiguous ending was intentional, so she could potentially return.”

Lucifer season four is available to watch on Netflix.

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