Kevin Hart facing $60 million sex scandal lawsuit | USA TODAY

Kevin Hart facing $60 million sex scandal lawsuit | USA TODAY

Kevin Hart facing $60 million lawsuit over 2017 Las Vegas hotel room sex tape.
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Kevin Hart is facing a $60 million lawsuit stemming from a 2017 Las Vegas hotel room sex tape with model and actress Montia Sabbag.

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  1. LetsBeClear

    Err.. what kind of timing is this ? Kev.. did u pull a prince/chappelle and tear up your contracts ? BC it looks like they’re not holding back not a got dang thing from ripping your house down. And mere days after that awful wreck.. sending hope love and peace to you Kev lock your doors babe

  2. henry malcom

    Dukes Lacrosse Team members had DNA evidence and they still call Black female CRYSTAL MANGUM a liar cause she was a stripper(why she was a stripper) has not one thing to do with Rape or Consensual, But because she was a stripper the white college boys had to be telling the truth.
    Just like the white college boys running cooperate and government who are also being exposed to be rotten filthy murderous war mongering greedily selfish White boys are tasting Global Destabilization to secure American colleges boys interest in controlling all the planets marketable good exciting blobby HOSTILE COOPERATE TAKE OVERS/WARS,AND RUMORS OF WAR

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