ITV Good Morning Britain: US woman linked with Boris Johnson claims he told her to ‘F-off’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

ITV Good Morning Britain: US woman linked with Boris Johnson claims he told her to ‘F-off’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Speaking to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, Ms Arcuri claimed she attempted to call last Sunday but the Prime Minister refused to take her calls. She claimed someone took the Prime Minister’s mobile phone during her first attempt and “pretended to speak in a Chinese accent”, adding interpreted this as being told to “F-off”. She said: “He said hello and hung up and I said why did you block me? This was last Sunday before I flew out.

“Let me clarify: the first time I called him, he answered then the phone was taken.

“His mobile phone, what I’ve been calling for the last ten years.

“The phone was taken by a man who pretended to speak in a Chinese accent.

“‘What you want? Who you talking to?’

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“In other words, F-off. He didn’t want to talk.

“I assumed he was busy, right? So I gave him time, as I told you last time. Britain needs him, let him focus on Brexit.

“But Brexit came and went.”

On Sunday, the businesswoman alleged to have had an affair with Boris Johnson claims tonight that he cast her aside like a “gremlin”.

Addressing the Prime Minister directly on ITV’s Exposure, Jennifer Arcuri says: “I’ve kept your secrets and I’ve been your friend.

She says when Mr Johnson became Prime Minister, “when I expressed the interest to want to speak to him, I was told there are bigger things at stake and I was brushed off as if I was one of Kennedy’s girlfriends showing up to his White House switchboard”.  

Mr Johnson, she says, “puts his head in the sand and looks the other way” while “I’m the one on the ground having to pick up the pieces”. 

She says the exposure has “caused nothing but utter chaos, destruction and sheer disappointment on many fronts”. 

A spokeswoman for the Conservative Party said any claims of impropriety in office were untrue, unfounded and politically-motivated. 

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