House managers present articles of impeachment to Senate | USA TODAY

House managers present articles of impeachment to Senate | USA TODAY

The U.S. House managers walk to the Senate to present the articles of impeachment.

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Seven House lawmakers called managers will prosecute the case. They walked the articles across the Capitol late Wednesday but were told to return Thursday for the ceremonial opening of only the third trial of a sitting president in U.S. history.

“The trial will commence in earnest on Tuesday,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Wednesday, after being notified the articles had arrived. “We will pledge to rise above the petty factionalism and do justice for our institutions, for our states and for the nation.”

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  1. David Anderson

    A purely politically motivated move by the Dems. As if Obama, Bush, Clinton and a dozen other presidents have not violated their oath of office. The Dems didn't get their lollipop and now they're out for blood. They prefer risking war, economic collapse and the country going down the tubes, rather than seeing Trump reelected. So I'm not surprised that two Californian Democrats are heading this puppet show they call impeachment trial. Nancy's obvious delight announcing the impeachment is just plain disgusting. That woman has some serious unresolved issues. And what about the "Pencil Neck" Schiff: "High Crimes, Treason…." The last ones to use this kind rhetoric were the Nazi's in their show trials run by Freissler. Goes to show what sort of people they are. "Rule of Law…." These people don't know the meaning of it

  2. Mike The Stand

    The eight managers for the house impeachment articles walk importantly and somberly to the house of the senate to present the articles for the removal by the impeachment of the 45th President of the United States of America one Donald John Trump. They reach the doors of the house of the senate and are announced a voice from within can be heard responding to the announcement saying, yer, ok, leave em at the door we can pick em up on the way out, BYE.

  3. Private Private

    Let’s see if the Senate does there job, or a Cover Up. Testimony and documents only.
    Lying on Twitter and TV is not a crime. Lying under Oath is a crime. Days of our impeachment continues….🍑
    Epstein did not kill himself.

  4. madam jaynie

    I think the taxpayers have the right to know how much all of these attempts to impeach / besmirch Trump are costing g us starting with the Mueller investigation $25 million, the Kavanaugh interrogation, impeachment by the House and now trial in the Senate. We have the right to know how much this witch hunt is costing us and how many more installments ad nauseaum are their going to be?

  5. Todd D Newkirk

    what a BUNCH of losers( THEY THINK THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED) They are mad because an outsider won the presidential election. Just MOVE on and focus on the next election !! THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR SYSTEM. THEY can't wait to get home and watch themselves on T.V.

  6. Zorro 123

    “Ok guys, get in here, remember sad and somber, walk like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and most importantly when I say we’re concerned about our country, no laughing, keep a straight face, on on 3, were pathetic go team”. Nancy it’s 5 o clock somewhere Pelosi

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