Holly Willoughby unflinching as she solves racy query about Orlando Bloom’s privates | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Holly Willoughby unflinching as she solves racy query about Orlando Bloom’s privates | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Holly Willoughby, 38, has been a team captain on ITV2’s comedy panel show Celebrity Juice since it first aired in 2008 and is accustomed to the racy nature of the game show.

In last night’s episode, she showcased her professionalism during a quiz round which saw host Keith Lemon, AKA Leigh Francis, 46, asking innuendo-laden questions of the teams.

“First question, complete the headline: Orlando Bloom says XXXX isn’t that big,” he read out.

Buzzing in quickly, Holly appeared to be confident in her ability to answer correctly.

“Is it his… is he talking about his penis?” she called out without a hint of embarrassment.

“Yes, that’s correct. His penis isn’t that big after all,” Keith replied.

The question referenced the famous pictures of actor Orlando, 42, paddle boarding with his then-girlfriend, now-fiancée Katy Perry, 34, back in 2016.

The eye-popping snaps showed the hunky star totally nude as he soaked up the sun on holiday with his love.

They quickly went viral and gained Orlando a reputation for having a rather sizeable package.

However, he recently spoke out on the photos, telling Howard Stern, 65: “It is really not that big.

“Things are expanded on cameras with a big optical lens. It is an optical illusion,” he insisted.

Recalling the realising the pictures had been published online, Orlando added: “The publicist called to say, ‘That is not the worst of it. First of all there were pictures with a block over it.’ And you make some jokes like, ‘Have you got a black box big enough to cover it?’

“And then you suddenly realise somebody is going to uncover the black box because they are going to be paid enough,” he continued.

“It’s a triple whammy – photos, black box, then no black box.”

It seemed Holly, understandably, knew exactly what was going on with the viral story when the question popped up on Celebrity Juice.

Elsewhere, Holly Willoughby’s new co-star Mel B called her out on last night’s episode after she had to take part in a gruesome task.

Her teammate James Blunt, 45, concocted a disgusting ‘dirty pint’ consisting of fish sauce, cottage cheese and pickled egg juice for the Spice Girls star to drink.

Before James poured the fish sauce into the mix, Holly challenged Mel, 44, to smell it.

Accepting, the popstar sniffed, instantly gagging at the smell while Holly laughed.

“Why would you do that to me, Holly?!” she exclaimed, to which the This Morning presenter replied: “It’s so bad!”

Celebrity Juice airs Thursdays at 10pm on ITV2.

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