Harvey Weinstein’s Dark Days – The New York Times

Harvey Weinstein’s Dark Days – The New York Times

The movie producer’s fall from grace began in October 2017, after damaging stories about him appeared in The Times and The New Yorker, the first in a flood of public accusations from women about his conduct.

By February 2018, his production firm, the Weinstein Company, had gone bankrupt. Three months later, he was charged with rape and other sexual offenses by the Manhattan district attorney’s office. Earlier this month, the Los Angeles district attorney added to the criminal counts against him, charging him with raping one woman and sexually assaulting a second over two days in February 2013.

By the time of his arrest in Manhattan, in May 2018, he had already been sued in civil court by dozens of his accusers. And his wife of a decade, the fashion designer Georgina Chapman, had divorced him and taken their two children, India, 9, and Dashiell, 6, to a house in Westchester County, a suburb of New York City.

Mr. Weinstein, 67, has been all but banished from the movie industry and no longer speaks with many of his friends and former colleagues — or with his brother, Bob, who was also once his business partner.

One of his remaining friends described him as “a leper.” His oldest friend and former college roommate, William Currao, said, “He doesn’t have many people left in his life, so I’ve seen Harvey put an added focus on caring for the people he still does have.”

Those who have stayed in touch with Mr. Weinstein have portrayed him as befuddled by the swiftness and severity of his downfall. He is preoccupied with the coverage about him in the media, as well as with his image as a villain, they said. He is also struggling, they claim, to come to grips with the widespread pain and outrage he has caused.

“Harvey is bewildered by how all of this played out,” Mr. Lichtman said, adding that Mr. Weinstein believes he is innocent. “He is numb, absolutely numb from all of this. He’s dazed.”

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