Halloween candy hid metal bar inside, says disturbed mom

Halloween candy hid metal bar inside, says disturbed mom

A mom went to the police after she found a metal object in her child’s Halloween candy bar.

“This metal object was sticking out, just a little bit,” Kailee Wisnoski told police Wednesday afternoon.

Wisnoski said she took her daughters trick-or-treating in downtown Corydon. She was sifting through their treats later that night when she noticed the chocolate bar wrapper was already open. A closer look revealed the piece of metal.

“The first thought that came to my mind was anger. I was mad. Then I just sat and thought, it was better for me to have grabbed that piece of candy then one of my girls,” she said.

Wisnoski handed the candy over the Corydon Police Chief and then filed a police report. Before that, she took to social media to send a warning to other parents. Comments suggested it could have been a manufacturer mistake.

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