Greta Thunberg speaks about climate strike | USA TODAY

Greta Thunberg speaks about climate strike | USA TODAY

Climate activist Greta Thunberg addresses climate change in New York.

Tens of thousands of protesters — from Australia to Thailand to London — joined Global Climate Strike marches and rallies worldwide Friday to express their concern about climate change.

While supporters of all ages are turning out, the day was billed as a walkout by high school students to call on world leaders to step up their efforts against carbon emissions and other environmental issues.

In the U.S., New York City’s 1.1 million school students were excused from class to participate in the strike protests. Demonstrators in Washington, D.C., planned a march to Capitol Hill.
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  1. Primate Exterminator

    Stop calling a bunch of lame marches and kids cutting class a “strike”. Everybody can see it’s fake. It’s a precious little show for the media. Probably uses extra fuel, too. Then it’s back to business the next day, and forgotten in a week. It’s exactly the kind of meaningless gesture Saint Greta and her handlers pretend to despise. And if it’s a crisis, if “our house is on fire”, you might eventually need to bring some guns and, I dunno, close down the airports or something. Stop the meat processors. Because people aren’t going to quit their jobs voluntarily to comfort the anxieties of a Swedish brat whose mommy told her too many end-of-the-world lies.


    How stupid yiu are Greta. Do the work of discovery through actual due diligence and not feelibgs if an ignorant little child. Pay yiur money inti that scam agaibst onky American Income tax payers will open your eyes to the fact all "climate change money " is fir your Euroteasg leaders and queer liberals, elites abd media too lazy, greedy and stupid to ti abythibg except inbreed and rape and sidonize kuds just like you for 50 years costing Americans citizens trillions with not one dollar to you GRETA THE IDIOT

  3. You Tube

    Gimme a break! She did more damage on her little sailboat than anybody knows. She sailed her dumb ass over then flew a whole crew over to take care of her little boat! Everybody wants to believe the fairytale so badly. She’s just a dub kid igniting the feelings of a bunch of saps who can’t think for themselves.

  4. trosen231

    Our Students in the US are dumb enough. Our scores have declined every since Democrats have taken ownership of the department of education. Quit playing around with this climate change nonsense and get your ass back to school.

  5. 123rockfan

    The climate crisis is going to cause food shortages and make certain countries uninhabitable because of the severe heat. Some will have to seek Asylum in the U.S. You’d think the people who dislike immigration would want to prevent this….

  6. David Hale

    While these clowns are protesting and blocking streets, a group of republican volunteers went to the streets of LA and cleaned up 50 tons of human waste off the streets, actually doing something to help the environment Not jus empty talk like these clowns.

  7. Jacob Clonts

    Earth has been warming and cooling for millions of years look at the Mayan calendar for global warming to happen we need an ice age I'm sure people have a part but the earth will do what it needs to do I think the bigger problem is taking trash outta the ocean why does noone talk about that hmmmmmmm if I was an activist that would be priority #1

  8. StormiCrossroad

    So let’s not give any credit to the scientists and great people who came before and started the entire conversation for the planet. Let’s talk about a teenager with no idea what life is going to be like. This world has gone to garbage.

  9. Ho Lee Phuq

    People who fall into her traps or the mass propaganda that elite democrats and mainstream media constantly bombard us with, are totally clueless.
    These leftists and "politically-motivated" scientists are trying to produce fear and promote their special-interest groups, including Vegetarian meat industries and solar-energy industries.
    George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama are the ones behind this recent movement!

  10. Ipostle

    Let this actress be the face of Global warming. It's better than Gore. Gore fondled the ball when he was getting a massage. I know Trump supporting farmers who now believe in Global warming. It goes back to Bush who said he believed but didn't think we could do anything about it. Government should have defunded the scientists at NASA .

  11. Rita Greyson

    The global warming is the event of allowing transgender in class rooms society gay marriage all over gods earth 🌍 turning the earth 🌍 upside down polar shift from rebelling against gods laws principals statutes and instruction of gods word it’s all there in the Bible gods word tells you Mathew mark Luke and John the prophets were used by god to speak out the truth of what is to come to gods earth which is bursting out in disobedience filling up in every action thought word and deed sight touch smell and hearing we are created by god who created all creation it’s going to start in repentance from in the heart ❤️ of gods people to bring a mercy and grace for an extension of life that’s left for mankind by law keeps rebelling against god stop ✋ in the name of Jesus repent for your redemption draws neigh get right in your heart ❤️ in sincere repentance seeking first the kingdom of god and gods righteousness and god will bless unto you all your needs for the earth 🌎 is the lords and the fullness there of gods throne is in heaven and the earth 🌍 is gods footstool it’s not global warming it’s the fire 🔥 of gods anger against the filthy sacrilegious blasphemy of abomination of desolation allowing the enemy of this 🌍 to contaminate abominate and desecrate against gods creation it should be get right youth stop rebelling vaping stop ✋ shooting and killing each other stop ✋ changing your identity into what your not stop assisted suicide causing the youth to commit suicide stop ✋ changing the word of god creating escape excuses and denial compromise money power sex and drugs depression sex trafficking fracking pulling out constant oil from the earth 🌍 gas electricity water 💦 all being misused plutonium uranium all the elements that god made for the earth 🌍 now the attitude is first come first serve I want money 💰 investments wealth career popularity fame what good will it do to gain the world 🌎 and forfeit the soul you go right back to becoming the root of the cause against all life and end up serving satan the serpent slithering into any opening in the human will and making it sound great 👍 right on your making a difference in this 🌍 no we are not😕 man is in this world 🌎 but not of it separate yourself from this word and touch not the idols and fallen angels principalities powers and rulers of darkness spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places you can only make a difference when you accept Jesus into your heart Jesus who conquered this world 🌎 on the cross ✝️ who was tortured died and rose from death 💀 so mankind could be set free it’s asking Jesus to come into your heart ❤️ to be the lord and savior of your soul for god sentjesus to this world 🌎 not to condemn the world 🌎 but through the Jesus the world would be saved so heaven and earth will pass away but the word of god will last forever come join the body of Christ Jesus pray intercede for this god forsaken world 🌎 and through Jesus the world 🌎 could be saved Jesus we need you Jesus to heal the sick 🤕 bind up the broken hearted open wide the prison doors god is able to deliver ever more god makes a way we’re their is no way god is our way maker with man it’s impossible but with god all things are possible 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍✝️✝️✝️🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎✝️✝️✝️🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🙏🙏🙏

  12. Jeff Moore

    Their private profit world is shaking. Our leaders are drunk on money and power. Greta and around 70% of humanity understand climate change and the complete disconnect between the rich and the poor. It isn't the science that's at issue. What's at issue is why we've let the rulers rule so long when disaster is the inevitable result.
    Our current leadership can only act like deer in the headlight of climate change. The world's big institutions are built on and for private profit. To ask leaders to stop and pay attention is no different than asking them to unlearn what money is and begin to deal with reality. They don't have real answers.

  13. Massive Maniac

    look at all the trump supporting trash in the comments with their uneducated insults she has Aspergers and started alone striking alone what she says is fact turn off fox news do some research maybe step outside of your echo chambers and learn about the real world… instead of trying to smear a young girl cause shes more educated then you….

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