Gov. Andrew Cuomo addresses latest with COVID-19's effect on New York | USA TODAY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo addresses latest with COVID-19's effect on New York | USA TODAY

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a press conference on the coronavirus pandemic.
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New York City residents could start seeing federal stimulus payments of up to $1,200 as soon as Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday. The mayor also said the city has set up 450 “grab and go” locations for families to obtain breakfast, lunch and dinner as the city struggles under a restrictive stay-at-home order that has forced many residents out of work. The city also has banned evictions to help people struggling to make rent, de Blasio said.

“Some some of (the payments) will be soon,” de Blasio said. “But others are going to take a long time. … If it takes too long, it doesn’t help enough.”

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  1. Jane Vidal

    Although I am in California, I find Gov. Cuomo’s press briefings a breath of fresh air in this crises in comparison to what we get from the President. This provides real information for us to understand how this virus effects New York. It also gives everyone a glimpse of how someone can actually run a government entity to respond to a crisis. Way to go New York!

  2. Shahnaz Qazi

    I was watching abc news today and they showed central park where people was still walking and had their social activities. Why can't this governor stop those places instead of complaining every day. He should have shut down the entire state from the beginning

  3. Koehli _

    MEDIA IS LYING. WINTER 2020-2021 will be mass deaths due to exposure. they will blame it on the virus but the real cause is the massive layoffs induced by fraudulent measures taken. no jobs, no money, no housing, no heat, no food. mass death when winter comes. prepare NOW!

  4. Dave CGS

    Anecdotal anything is meaningless. Governor Cuomo should NOT be mentioning these treatments as anything but untested. There is a reason for double blind controlled studies. You can pass around paperclips as a COVID-19 treatment and I guarantee that there will be desperate patients stating that this is working. There is no magic bullet and these type of treatments have bad side effects and take away the medication from people who need it. It's not right and it's not cool. President Trump has called these treatments 'gamechangers'. No, it's not a game changer. That type of language is incredibly dangerous and foolish. I hope we do get a good treatment for COVID-19 but this is not the way to do it.

  5. T Young

    The TESTS that Hospitals use DO NOT differentiate between the types or different strains of the Corona Virus, which also happens to be in the seasonal flu that up to 50,000 Americans contract each year. Many more have it but don't know because they never get sick or show symptoms, but if tested, would test positive for a type of corona virus. The CDC Website openly says that the numbers of deaths they report are from confirmed and UNCONFIRMED cases of Covid-19. Unconfirmed means not tested. They do NOT report that the deaths were NOT caused by the virus, but that the virus exacerbated pre-existing chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, of which those patients ultimately succumbed. The ordinary corona virus flu does the same thing every year. There are 100's of strains of corona virus and the test or rather OUR tests do not differentiate between strains of corona virus, so, logic would dictate that, in all actually, there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19.

  6. T Young

    It is VERY important that we determine the number of CV "hotspots" with the rollout of 5G in those areas. 5G human illness and death symptoms across the world show the very same symptoms as the Covid-19 Virus. 5G PREVENTS the normal uptake of oxygen into the blood. Drs are saying "it appears as though the patients are suffocating- not dying from a lung infection." "Patients throw off ventilators" others say, "because they don't help and cause more harm than good"
    California Gov Newsome just recently signed a bill that makes it mandatory that new wireless equipment be put in place within 60 days. Strange how he and the President belong to the same "mutual admiration society" now.
    President Trump just quietly signed: Bill S.893 'Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020" into law on March 23, 2020 mandating that all 5G wireless be rolled out within the next 180 days and that citizens have only 60 days within which to comment (or stop IT!). This can be found on the website. We now have only 46 days left to say something and demand that it be stopped. But, remember, we are all conveniently under QUARANTINE or house arrest, if you will. This will prevent people from physically protesting, gathering in numbers or even going outside for a non-essential purpose.
    Why has no one, not mainstream news, no one in Congress, no one, not even "Q" mentioned this? Why?
    The effects of 5G are lethal and resemble those of Covid-19, how convenient for the pushers of 5G!!
    Look for other videos with "5G in the titles associating it with CV." They are popping up faster than popcorn right now. Flood the President's office with calls, faxes and emails calling for the blockage of all 5G until appropriate TESTS have been done on how it will effect human life, as there have been NONE to date!! No one has officially tested or published results from Official Testing on 5G. Ask the President why he chose to sign that Bill (giving us only 60 days to comment), on March 23rd, right in the middle of the biggest Pandemic and Shut Down this country has ever seen???

  7. T Young

    It just so happens that Xi or the Chinese Communist Party installed 5G in Wuhan a month or two before the official announcement of an outbreak of CV. We have seen videos, conveniently, of people walking down the streets in China, just falling over dead, and they seem to have been passing by a short tower, going rigid and then falling over, face first, without even trying to break their own fall with their hands and arms. Why would that be, people? Who happened to just be standing there filming the back of someone walking down the street who also just so happens to fall dead while they are doing so???

    We should NOT be worried about keeping up with the technology of other countries, we should be arresting the leaders of those countries for Crimes Against Humanity. Our Military Industrial War Complex- War Mongers, screamed to have Trump bomb Syria on the phony allegation that Bashar Assad gassed 24 of his own people! So, what the hell is up, with the silence about all the terrible abuses in China, of their own people? Not one Negative word from those same people??? It makes me think that "they" must be in on "it" and on the same side as the eugenicists like Bill Gates, the Deep State Elite, and those who attended the same meeting in 2017, where Bill Gates said that President Trump would be facing a major health pandemic during his administration, (just how did he know?) and openly discussing their strategy "to control the narrative surrounding the pandemic," (plannedemic) through media saturation, or "Full Spectrum Dominance"

    Just look into Cuomo's past. Look at the terrible laws he has passed. Why do you suppose New York is the Epicenter of Disease, all disease? Think for yourself. Cuomo is NOT a savior, he is merely jumping on the same Leftist Bandwagon of 'Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste! ' He is spewing leftist talking points–sound bytes! He is trying to capitalize on all of his own failures, blaming them on others. And many shortsighted, short memory, mindless sheep fall for it time and time again.

  8. Zafassa Agashe

    i am really stunned at this lack of realism by cuomo and his scientific advisors.
    1. @1.25 "total new hospitalized" is almost an oxymoronic phrase. This histogram displays new hospitalizations in the last 24h. There is nothing "total" in it.
    2. When he says they are "down" he refers that the new hospitalizations and intubations are down but not negative, thus the patients are going up from the previous days.
    3. The reason why the rate of change of hospitalizations is decreasing is simply beacuse hospitals are saturated, therefore they physically cannot admit new patients, which are being left sick at home, not because the pandemic is contracting.
    4. the distribution of the rate of change of infections is always as in @2.13. The distribution @2.21 happens whenever hospitals saturate and tests are just used on hospitals admitted. this has been the case in Italy (specifically in bergamo and brescia provinces) and has been going on in nyc in the last days. distribution @2.21 effectively is the one @2.13 truncated at the top by the limited capabilities of collecting
    new positives.
    5. nyc is about 2 weeks from the maximum in the rate of change, but this will be detected only as 3-4 weeks long plateau. Real numer of covid deaths can be extrapolated afterwards, just by comparing TOTAL number of deaths in new york this April compared with the average deaths of last 5 years' during april.

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