Elizabeth Warren Draws Sharp Contrasts With Rivals in New Hampshire Speech

Elizabeth Warren Draws Sharp Contrasts With Rivals in New Hampshire Speech

Her rivals wasted no time hitting back. Hours before Ms. Warren gave the speech, the Biden campaign released endorsements from six current and former New Hampshire mayors, including from cities such as Portsmouth, Rochester and Dover.

Then in a speech later to about 70 people gathered outside a home in Palo Alto, Calif., Mr. Biden responded, without naming Ms. Warren.

“I read a speech by one of my — good person — one of my opponents, saying that, ‘You know, Biden says we’re going to have to work with Republicans to get stuff passed,’” he said. “I thought, ‘Well, how are you going to do it, by executive order?’”

He added, “Well, guys, if we can’t unify the country you all ought to go home now, because nothing’s going to happen except by executive order.”

Ms. Warren also drew distinctions with Mr. Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., with whom she has traded attacks in recent days, particularly on the issue of financial transparency. Ms. Warren and Mr. Buttigieg are considered the front-runners for the all-important Iowa caucuses in February, and are competing nationally for an overlapping set of college-educated liberals.

Without saying his name, Ms. Warren noted that Mr. Buttigieg “calls people who raise a quarter-million dollars for him his ‘National Investors Circle,’ and he offers them regular phone calls and special access,” she said, adding, “When a candidate brags about how beholden he feels to a group of wealthy investors, our democracy is in serious trouble.”

Lis Smith, Mr. Buttigieg’s top communications adviser, released a statement pushing back on Ms. Warren’s characterization of the mayor. The campaign emphasized that 98 percent of its donations were under $200.

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