Donald Trump puts opioid drugmakers in crosshairs

Donald Trump puts opioid drugmakers in crosshairs

President Donald Trump asked his Cabinet to “bring a major lawsuit against the drug companies on opioid.”


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  1. Monica M

    We are going about this all wrong. Because of doctors getting sued left and right, hospitals aren't treating pain in patients with a critical need. If u have anything In your chart indicating you have used illegal substances, they discriminate against you.

  2. Penelope Van

    bravo..lovely meeting..please remember to include Eric holder in your lawsuit against these drug pushers..should evidence support claims by professionals who tried to hold them to account during the last administration and fentanyl is even worse when a paramedic or police officer gets a reaction just from touching a person whose in distress over this the strength of this is just awfull..great sure your aware by now that in addition to earthquakes in italy..near the bridge collapse..and Japan..france has just had a big quake and lost the Normandy river and one other I don't remember the name..please see if they might need like to say in my personal opinion that in consideration of the planet of the crossing passing through..we seem..i say seem because I have limited info from u tube and no internet access..low budget and appears we have passed one wing of its net know how are poor sun is being effected..its better than I expected..but we have another wing to suffer before it goes on its merry seems to me to be a dwarf black star..described by gilgamish..or Samson if be described as to heavy for him to lift..describing a lodestone type my understanding its like a black hole inside the dark star which gives some clue to its nature but since it hasn't passed by in so long not much is was expected to have a much more significant effect but we'll see once its away from the gravitational effect on the sun and the earth..than the sun will return to its shiny nature and Africa will have a large island..might want to evacuate any towns around the cut out..its obvious..perhaps China would be willing to help them as they have new investments in that so pleased to see this opioid crises get an understanding hand it's just awfull..ive lost a few friends..their still alive but I can no longer be around them because their personalities change under the influence and I did try to help but to no I hope all success to this administration for taking the time and care ..peace

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