DOJ will not bring federal charges against NYPD officer in death of Eric Garner (LIVE) | USA TODAY

DOJ will not bring federal charges against NYPD officer in death of Eric Garner (LIVE) | USA TODAY

The Justice Department will not bring federal charges against a New York City police officer over the death of Eric Garner during a chaotic arrest that ignited nationwide protests five years ago.

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  1. Roland Fraser

    You can clearly see officer Pantaleo choking him on video. It's clear as day. I'm usually on the police's side when ever people start crying about police brutality, but in this case it's blatant, and this level of pretending, and lying about this man's death, and the trivial reason for which this man was murdered (selling individual cigarettes). This is the kind of corruption that leads to riots, and this is the kind of corruption (and racism, and violence) that I've come to expect to see from leftist governments.

  2. no name

    American Justice tends to protect criminals not holds them accountable – look how well American Pedophiles are protected by American courts – Don't expect killer cops to hold themselves accountable for their MURDERS – America cops are worse then mexican drug lords

  3. J Shysterr

    If you cant breath then you cant talk. Its basic biology. Talking requires air from the lungs. But, I still think the cop went too far and should have stoped when Eric passed out and he should have administered CPR right away. At the least it was negligent homocide. I also dont think race had anything to do with it. You dont have to be a racist to be a bad cop.

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