Dad allegedly kills man who tried to enter his daughter’s bathroom stall

Dad allegedly kills man who tried to enter his daughter’s bathroom stall

Melvin Harris is a accused of beating the man who entered his daughter’s bathroom stall at a gas station, resulting in the man’s death 5 days later.

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  1. Vincent Washington

    Free Melvin Harris…this Dad shouldn't be jailed for saving his daughter from a child predator rapist! Meanwhile, a racist New Mexico Judge named Sarah Backus allowed child kidnapperschild killers of 3 year old Black toddler to go free on a $20,000.00 bond…state, local, and judges can no longer say they don't negotiate with terrorist when their track record shows that they really support terrorist crimes against Americans

  2. Lea Holifield

    He should be given a public service award for taking out the trash! The perv would've attacked his daughter! He did what needs to be done. Pedos need to be eliminated from the gene pool. Nature never intended for adults to be sexually attracted to the sexually immature. There is something seriously wrong with one who is, and this genetic makeup needs to be eliminated.

  3. Barbran13 13

    If any man would do that to my daughters I would have killed him right then and there. No 5 days of dying!!! Instant attack that bastard. He got just what he deserved. One less rapist pedo off the planet. Thank you Dad for protecting your daughter and many more daughters in the future from this pedo.

  4. Skipper Nelson

    The courts see things differently!. They think that he should have just confronted the man and called the police! The man did not touch his
    daughter so he has no right to do what he did!. This is America home of the Dude That beat the crap out of another Dude!.

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