Coronavirus outbreak: City of Wuhan recorded by American teacher | USA TODAY

Coronavirus outbreak: City of Wuhan recorded by American teacher | USA TODAY

‘I need to know what’s going on’: American teacher explores Wuhan amid coronavirus outbreak.
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Dr. Diana Adama documents her days inside Wuhan, China to help people understand the city in the center of the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Brianna Herrera

    I cannot believe she just said to us watching "you can see it's not that bad".
    There is nurses and doctors that have warned people. There is 900 people that died. 900 people, I would say that is bad. Come on tourists, you travelers are naive when it comes to your adventures.

  2. 毛巾Towels_

    Bitter complaint from the Chinese:
    You really don't know how boring it is to prevent SARS-like virus in this time… The food at home has been consumed, and you can't go out and buy it. No masks sold in any pharmacy…

    Wuhan is working hard! Come on in Wuhan!

  3. The Holmes Family

    "It's not that bad"….It's bad, just not "that" bad…whatever "that" means depends on comparison. If she's comparing it to a zombie apocalypse…then yeah, sure it's not "that" bad. This is something people say when they are trying to convince themselves, otherwise they'd just say "It's good" or "it's bad" instead of a gradiation of "badness/goodness" in comparison to some other imaged "that-ness".

  4. GN GD

    She says everything is good but if it is good so why you are wearing a mark? Do me a favor, take the mask off and walk into any hospital and meet one sick person then I will believe in you. Bigmouth again.

  5. Jeffrey Smith

    How embarrassing to release a video with such irrelevant commentary. "It's not that bad. I mean, It's bad but not like they are saying on the news…". It's not that populated here so it's not as bad…" So incredibly dumb

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