Cop sentenced to 15 years for murder of unarmed black teen

Cop sentenced to 15 years for murder of unarmed black teen

A former Dallas-area officer, Roy Oliver, 38, was convicted of fatally shooting Jordan Edwards, 15, who was in a vehicle leaving a party.

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  1. Claire Conover

    He stole the life of a kid. that kid would have had 30 or more years left to live, had that former cop not murdered him. He should’ve gotten 30 or more years, one year to sit & think about that year he stole from a kid.

  2. Carlos Rosero

    Well everyone including African Americans justice has been served already telling the truth the right way not hiding of anything what police officer did wrong with your because there's so many different officers in 50 states that they're not telling the truth the white way and justice has to be served always not telling a lie to the American people and civilians that what did happen for this boy that is lost his life and he got no any bad records nothing he just a kid and this is how Justice be stuff like this I don't think so I don't like it like bad officers and negative officers are they cannot handle too much to stress once they finish graduation and then they could be on VH1 stay up open in it to the streets anytime to cities and towns and sometimes that they need to control that temper and the outrage because if they not then they will be cold blooded of their own hands shooting innocent people whoever they are so I really want to put every small cameras the possible can order uniforms right front of it to make sure that all officers going to get one including 50 states in America because I had enough of this. Police officers telling a lie not telling the truth but the families has been to and justice for all and just as always to be surf telling the truth now they're going to be be happy feel better and rest in peace in all of this younger boy that he never got the chance to get a future and one more thing sometimes officers cannot control that temper or the outrage or too much to stress once they finish over Cadet from school and then outfit open and they need to control you know if not they're going to control that temper and stress and outrage then that have to be released of the duty and take a vacation because this is not how it works like this the way it works that to make sure that every officer need to have some relaxation of it too much stress and always to be relax if not that I cannot tell you anymore if you just figured out

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