Controversial 'heartbeat' abortion bill signed into law in Georgia

Controversial 'heartbeat' abortion bill signed into law in Georgia

GA Governor Brian Kemp signed the “heartbeat” abortion bill, despite threats from Hollywood celebrities to boycott the state if the bill became law.

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  1. embraced chimera

    men as selfish as ever….even when HIS kids are dying he still wants sex with females he doesn't love at all…is he not a disease? how is that not a disease? to interact with/encounter a being who doesn't love or even like you…yet tells you what to do? with your own body? give sex then have his kids too? isn't that a bit much from someone who doesn't even like or love you at all? I thought that was called a parasite…? women are waking up. takes acted a certain way for CENTURIES and still are in third world countries…and men here are taken better care of and still turned on women…demanded sex without marriage…what good is he? another MAN need not breed a female for YOU to bother….its too strange. might as well be muslim . you deserve it. comes with a dirt floor no plumbing no hospitals and no literacy….enjoy it men.

  2. Audilife

    which ever jackass painted abortion as women's choice is a truly immoral person should be ashamed using women's suffrage as an excuse to murder millions of innocent lives.
    Worse than any genocide in history
    planned parent hood should be dismantled and staff jailed

  3. yes hello

    I feel like a lot of the dopes celebrating the slavery of women, miss the point of women having the option. They hypocritically call struggling victims of unwanted pregnancy "baby killers", but support abominable foster systems that they arent a part of. You idiots will chastise a woman for getting pregnant, and tell her she doesnt know any better, but will force her to term a pragnancy, as if the solution to ignorance is punishment via sexual ograns, of which was not asked for. You fools think babies are consequences of something so natural, you stigmatize it and shame the outcome. You controling freaks want nothing more then to slave a woman for her vital organs. #shameonyou

  4. Lainey Wright

    Great Job Governor Kemp. Georgia will not lose our entertainment revenue. Look up the names of the people that said they would move out of America if Trump won the office and see how that went. And, even if the Hollywood hags do leave it will be for the better cause. The protection of babies that have not had a voice for a long time. Birth control for men and women along with the morning after pill are more than enough options. Women need to stop being so careless with their bodies. But, we all know that sometimes it is about trapping the man you want. So let's grow up ladies!

  5. Steph Ss

    Men are just as responsible for conceiving…but not being held to this standard. Quit policing everyones reproductive rights; and take care of the children you already have…that dont have parents.

  6. Sandal Creep

    Pro choice beliefs are just another convenient excuse for establishment Democrats to kickstart their plans for subtle population control. Anyone who falls for that nonsense is probably a coward or an idiot.

  7. Kelly Krause

    Yet who takes care of the unwanted. They either grow up in a home of resentment or are pawned off to foster care where history has proven the abundance of abusive deviants lurk. Shame on you to think a girl of young age would even know she was pregnant given the lack of sex ed, justified by your own immoral god. Not everyone is a Christian evangelical and, it seems many of them are not even Christian as evidenced by their behavior.

  8. Mark K

    This is the governments job, to protect us (unborn children too)from enemies foreign and domestic. Abortionist and like minded are domestic enemies period. Defy the courts Georgia they are not the final arbiter. YOU make the LAW not the courts👍🏻

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