Chris Cuomo makes surprise appearance during Gov. Cuomo's press briefing | USA TODAY

Chris Cuomo makes surprise appearance during Gov. Cuomo's press briefing | USA TODAY

Cuomo brothers joke together during briefing.
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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo made a surprise appearance on his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s briefing on the coronavirus.

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  1. Rana Wiko

    once imagine about curfew for months in kashmir
    once think it is not imposed by kashmir's own government or is an extremist enemy's army
    once feel the problems and pain of kashmiries
    once say world's policy to be silent upon india's extremisim is wrong

  2. Debbie B

    ****My heart goes out for Everybody who lost a family member ( spouse, father , mother , brother sister , niece , nephew , etcccccccc )****
    **I feel bad for all those who's sick, I pray a family member , friend , etcccc very close to the person who's sick , they DON'T need to be left alone**
    **It's best for everybody to stay home and 6 feet away from those in the home with you***please make sure you wash your hands and stay clean*
    **Take the Free Advice and apply to it!** Chris Cuomo…..I don't know you , but I hope you've a speed recovery . No Person should've to go through this , period.

  3. Ralph Bourke

    Get this family crap off the internet. Talk about an abuse of media power who gives these two idiots the right to do this just because they say so? Some one needs to tell these idiots there's a bigger crisis at hand than there choice to waist this air time on there foolish family reunion how dare these fools. Arrogant bunch of self centered spoiled daddy's boys who are nothing more than a couple of sniveling snot noised rich kids who had every damn thing given to them, every door opened for them , every single thing they have daddy gave knowing there chances on there own would be slim to none. To even think the internet would be interested in listening to these two swap spit and grab ass is proof they hold them selves above the rest of you. Go away boys it wasn't cute but actually back fired but a little time will prove this to be true.

  4. w p

    This greaseball wop's worried about a " bad hair" day when people are dying ? It wasn't a dream , it was when they were young and shared a room and played cornhole without beanbags ! Admit it Fredo !

  5. Randal Friedman

    Chris Cuomo, I am very unhappy with the way you described your Covid-19 symptoms on national TV. Saying "I felt like i'm on fire" and "my eyes felt like they were getting gouged out." are not the symptoms of covid 19. Making statements like these in front of millions of people on national tv was the wrong thing to do. You instilling fear and panic in people makes the problem worse than it is. And hurts our communities even more. It was not necessary for you to describe your symptoms of the Coronavirus that way. And I think you and you brother are nothing but a bunch of drama queens.

    P.s. Chris Cuomo did not say those two things. I'm just trying to make a point.

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