Charges Planned Against Netanyahu Aides in Submarine Graft Scandal

Charges Planned Against Netanyahu Aides in Submarine Graft Scandal

He said questions he had posed to the attorney general more than a year ago remained unanswered.

At the center of the submarine case is Mr. Ganor, an Israeli businessman whose old navy buddies held powerful positions.

One, Eliezer Marom, was the commander of the Israeli navy. Another, Avriel Bar-Yosef, was a deputy chief of the National Security Council, and was Mr. Netanyahu’s appointee to lead the council in 2016.

Prosecutors say the three conspired beginning in 2009 to help persuade ThyssenKrupp to name Mr. Ganor as its sales agent in Israel. Mr. Ganor earned millions of dollars in commissions on Israel’s purchases of vessels from ThyssenKrupp, prosecutors said, and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to Mr. Bar-Yosef and Mr. Marom.

Mr. Ganor also bribed Mr. Sharan, prosecutors say, beginning in 2013, when Mr. Sharan was an aide to the Israeli minister of finance. The payments, which totaled about $35,000, continued for some two years after Mr. Sharan was named Mr. Netanyahu’s chief of staff.

Mr. Ganor, who was a neighbor of Mr. Netanyahu’s in Caesarea, on Israel’s northern coast, turned state’s evidence in 2017 but changed his testimony earlier this year, and his cooperation agreement was canceled in May. He faces charges of bribery, money laundering and tax offenses.

Mr. Marom was also named as a likely defendant. Prosecutors have not announced whether they intend to pursue charges against Mr. Bar-Yosef.

Prosecutors appear to have retreated somewhat from the case that police had initially mustered against Mr. Shimron, Mr. Netanyahu’s cousin and lawyer, who also represented Mr. Ganor in his dealings with ThyssenKrupp.

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