CARES Act stimulus check, how much could you receive | USA T ODAY

CARES Act stimulus check, how much could you receive | USA T ODAY

Congress passed and President Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that includes checks to taxpayers.
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The latest stimulus package will provide $1,200 checks to many Americans – and more for families – while making available hundreds of billions of dollars for companies to maintain payroll through the crisis. It significantly expands the nation’s unemployment safety net and it directs a huge infusion of cash to states and to hospitals and other medical facilities on the frontline fighting the pandemic.

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  1. Chris M

    Won't believe it until I see the money in my account. And what about all of the small businesses around the country? One of my favorite local restaurant/bar chains announced they couldn't even make payroll this last week and are asking their employees to wait to cash any checks until next week. Is that local restaurant/bar chain just supposed to hope that they get a SBA loan or a government grant or something? I don't think the government will be able to truly stop the huge economic fallout from all of these local small businesses shuttering. There are simply too many businesses and too many people being impacted. A recession seems pretty much inevitable (some say we're in one already) and honestly a depression almost seems possible. I mean what do you call it when half the country isn't working?

  2. Tammi

    How does it work if you filed “Married -Jointly” and one of you made less than 75k & the other made 88k, but between the two you made less than 150k (75k x2)? I’ve heard that the cap is $150k for two if you filed jointly, but it wasn’t really a reliable source. And, what if you PAID taxes last year but filed Direct Deposit for a refund the year before. IRS has/had our bank info….. Ideas anyone?

  3. Ryan Cochran

    “Hey everyone, I am stealing Yang’s idea to give every adult in America at least $1k, with conditions of course, and hope that this generosity will help with my approval rating and give me even the slightest chance of improving my chances for re-election since this will be fresh on your minds despite EVERYTHING ELSE I have done.” – Donald Duck Drumpf either realizing he needed to make up for defunding the US pandemic force, or did so just so he could play “savior” in the end…

  4. C Dillard

    I need it and won't see a dime. THANKS FOR NOTHING! I also appreciate the suspension of my drivers license and fishing license! I'm shocked that I wasn't rounded up and sent to Huan. The really dropped the ball on getting rid of me. Maybe starvation will do the trick. Fingers crossed Washington!

  5. MegaSkilla

    Fact, the anti-American leftist Democrats blocked this bill to invoke their partisan agenda. The fact that the tax paying middle class gets nothing shows how much the left cares about the working class. Fact, if you earn les than 50k you are a net negative on text revenue meaning you utilize more than you pay for. So only the worthless leeches will see a penny. Hand fed by their Democratic plantation slave masters.

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