Biryanis With Something Extra – The New York Times

Biryanis With Something Extra – The New York Times

Until Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo decides that it’s safe enough for New York City’s restaurants to start indoor table service, many have pivoted to offer food for take out and sometimes delivery. And at Rahi in the West Village and Adda Indian Canteen in Long Island City, Queens, a bonus comes with the Lucknow biryani to go, a covered clay pot that you heat the dish in, and then get to keep. The pot is sealed with bread dough. Bake it for 30 to 40 minutes, slice through the dough to lift the lid, then dig into the steaming mixtures to find layers of chiles, onions and forceful spices mingling with extra long grain basmati rice and a featured ingredient, like chicken, succulent goat on the bone, chunks of rich lamb or assorted vegetables like cauliflower with paneer. Each pot, from the chefs Chintan Pandya and Soham Deshpande, serves about two people.

Rahi, 60 Greenwich Avenue (Perry Street); Adda Indian Canteen, 31-31 Thompson Avenue (Queens Boulevard); Biryani Bol, vegetarian or chicken $36, lamb or goat $38, available for pickup or delivery with 24 hours’ notice,

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