BFFs Obama and Biden spotted at D.C. bakery

BFFs Obama and Biden spotted at D.C. bakery

The bromance between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden is clearly still alive.


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  1. SONIX

    Obama looks like an old Indian man. What happened? Too much stress? from all that evil manipulative plotting of world domination, bombing Middle East, running out of bombs to bomb, pivoting from Middle East conquering to Asia, hiding the torture investigation instead of making it public, protecting those war criminals, expanding 2 wars into 7 wars in 7 countries, mass droning and mass murdering of hundreds of thousands of civilians (and that's publicly admitted by the CIA/DOD, so actual numbers are much higher), didn't do anything to help Black Lives Matter, did so many shady business dealings for war criminals and corporations… he must not sleep well at night to look that old and soulless.

    BTW Biden the sexual assaulter, molester…. Where's MeToo?

  2. laynie ejmb

    …hey for some.of these fools and their comments…when the russkies take over you'll be decapitated for saying that…then we'll see how much you open your mouths and whine… because you didnt know wth you were talking about …and look at you now…it'll be too late losers !!!

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