Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire primary | USA TODAY

Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire primary | USA TODAY

Sanders beats Buttigieg to win the New Hampshire primary. Yang and Bennet exit the 2020 presidential race.

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  1. Never Mind

    To all the "Extremely Brainwashed" Pussy Ass Millennials out there here is your Sultan of Marxist Socialism and Fascist Liberal Globalism : His Name Bernie Communist Sanders :
    Now Go and get your Free College Tuition , Free Healthcare , Free House , Free Tesla , No Need to Work , $85,000 Welfare Check a year and Free Supply of Marijuana for life ……

  2. Janewski11

    Anyone that votes for a socialist is an idiot. If you think that socialism is so great, then go visit Venezuela for two weeks, then tell us how great it is. It really doesn't matter since Trump will beat whoever the Democrats pick to run against him.

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