Bernie Sanders defends democratic socialism | USA TODAY

Bernie Sanders defends democratic socialism | USA TODAY

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will deliver an address at George Washington University in Washington on democratic socialism, the political ideology that he and a growing number of young Democrats adhere to. Sanders is expected to defend his brand of socialism as a continuation of the policies of FDR and the New Deal, stressing equality in American prosperity.

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  1. Adriana M. Guillot

    God is watching his greedy, selfish, evil soul. We don't need to be controlled by the ELITE!! This madness has to stop for future generations. No bullies in our Whitehouse. The Dems. Daycare needs to be shut down!! Total Shame for the lack of compassion in our leaders.
    Help us God to clean our Whitehouse of EVIL SOULS!!

  2. Saw Saw

    You know it's not hard at all to duplicate the audio and run it in the right speaker. Every single speech this guy gives, the audio is messed up. Is this some sort of secret message among the rich that Bernie is to keep being attacked? Mess up his audio every time he speaks? Is it intended to cut down the viewers? A psychological operation to make it seem like he's unprofessional? What is it? Stop.

  3. Rob Brown

    This is a speech for the ages. Ten out of ten. Three standing ovations. I would have voted for FDR. I certainly support the idea of a New Bill Of Rights and I will definitely vote for Bernie Sanders.

  4. G Sterling

    Are we going to hear "The East Is Red" at Sanders rallies? Will we see banners of Stalin and Mao? Will he tell us again how waiting in bread lines is good for us (my relatives in what is now Belarus didn't seem to think so at the time)?
    Will he give 'free' "Little Red Books" (by Mao) to attendees? He seems to like 'free.'
    Maybe he will try to explain away the starvation of millions of Ukrainians in the 1930s as an administrative oversight?
    Maybe he'll try to explain that Mao really meant well re the "Great Leap Forward," and that it was the fault of some paper shuffler. Ditto re the Red Guard phenomenon of the 1960s.
    Maybe he'll try to tell us that Tiannamen (I never can spell that properly and am too lazy to look it up) Square massacre of thirty years ago is a Trump hoax.

    This man is as dangerous as he is stupid. He disgusts me.

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