BBC news: Naga Munchetty grills ex-Tory rebel Justine Greening in fiery Brexit debate | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

BBC news: Naga Munchetty grills ex-Tory rebel Justine Greening in fiery Brexit debate | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Speaking to ‘s Naga Munchetty, the former Conservative MP – now independent – claimed she will not vote in favour of the Prime Minister’s deal until she has read the legislation in detail. But the exiled former Tory was confronted on her decision to support Sir Oliver Letwin’s amendment which forced Boris Johnson to ask for a delay to the Brexit process in stark contrast to her home constituency’s Brexit demands. 

Ms Greening said: “We haven’t seen the Brexit bill and that’s the new law that my community is going to have to live under for decades.

“I just want to see that actual contract before I sign up to it.

“That’s what my community expects me to do. It’s to be on the ball and making sure I’m on top with the details.”

Naga Munchetty confronted the former Tory MP: “Your community as well – you grew up in Rotherham – it voted to leave the EU by 68 percent.

“So, in many ways, you’re going against your constituency, what your former constituency wanted.”

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Ms Greening replied: “I grew up in a Leave constituency and I represent a very heavily Remain constituency in Putney.

“So I’ve done my best to represent my community in Putney in Parliament. That’s my job.

“But I think whatever you live in the UK what you need Parliament to do is to make sure that it’s on top of the actual detail that will affect day-to-day lives for decades to come.”

The former Tory minister added it is “vital” that an amendment is brought to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal to get a second referendum.

The Labour Party has pledged to present an amendment to the Prime Minister’s deal that could force him to attach the promise of a confirmatory referendum to the deal.

Anger boiled over after Sir Keir Starmer and John McDonnell vowed the party would call for another public vote to be brought forward when the Prime Minister again asks MPs to back his deal with the EU.

It comes amid reports last night that Brussels was considering granting a Brexit extension until February.

Sir Keir confirmed Labour will also try to change the deal to include the UK being in a customs union with the European Union after Brexit in a move that would potentially torpedo the whole agreement.

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