Attorney General William Barr holds press conference at Department of Justice | USA TODAY

Attorney General William Barr holds press conference at Department of Justice | USA TODAY

Attorney General William Barr holds a press conference at the Department of Justice.

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Three Minneapolis police officers charged in connection with the death of George Floyd face court appearances Thursday while mourners will be saying goodbye to the man whose death ignited more than a week of nationwide protests.

J. Alexander Kueng, 27, Thomas Lane, 36, and Tou Thao, 34, are charged with one count each of aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter. Derek Chauvin, 44, was charged last week by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

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  1. phenixwryter

    This guy.
    Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Attorney General.
    Be advised, and convey this message to our current President as well: I'll see you at the ballot box on November 3rd, and I won't be coming alone.

  2. Nick Abell

    In the comments: unimportant individuals blinded by hatred, stemming from tribal consumption of lies and reckless emotion, throwing worthless jabs at a man that is doing his best to keep domestic enemies to the republic at bay. Barr has done more to uphold the law than the last 5 Attorney Generals combined. Tiny brains consumed by radical ideology will claim to have an issue with his work, but could never muster a coherent argument to defend said issue. Go get a job. Go get an education. Go better yourself so that there is one less worthless stain of a "citizen" in this country.

  3. Ross ellis

    We are ALL watching you …………..Hope you use all your resources As you did in previous cases to investigate the (in your own words) "In-humans " Minneapolis prosecutor(s) who decided the video evidence in George Floyd's murder case had no merit…. the first time around. As per your own speech they are un fit to hold a position of responsibility. Well?

  4. kasoju srinivas

    Heart of Humanity very sad Jorge foldies left we can't bring back Jorge foldies.
    Meny other people going to dying "Duty of emergency is missing"
    All United members of USA condolences to Jorge flodies 2 minutes. All the media chnals show to covid 19 dead people family agony feeling loss of their famliy members opinions show Tv chanals.
    Negative way turning rebalins must send to jail or where corana dead bodies put them 2 days what government of USA loss

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