At Monaco, It’s First All Work, and Then Play

At Monaco, It’s First All Work, and Then Play

There is also a strong bond among the marshals, he said. “For many years, the same colleagues work at the same turn each year. We also meet up outside of the grand prix, so it has become a family.

“There are moments together during the race, and moments together outside of the race weekend, and these moments are as important as when we work together,” Carrière said.

Over the past two decades, he has seen the cars change considerably and said he was amazed Monaco still held the race.

“When you see the technology on the cars, that they are still racing in Monaco, and the track hasn’t changed,” he said, pausing. “If you look at the track 50 years ago, it’s almost the same, and it’s crazy to see these cars racing on this circuit as they did back on virtually the same track in the ’60s and ’70s.”

At the end of each day’s racing the roads of the circuit reopen to the public. In particular, around La Rascasse corner and the Piscine complex, bars are open until late into the night.

“Of course, we reopen the streets in the evening to allow the city to relive as normally as possible and to offer as much pleasure as possible for the fans and residents,” Tornatore said.

By the time the track is closed again for racing the following morning, the area has been cleaned, and there is no sign of the night’s revelry.

He said that trying to keep everyone happy — residents, fans and workers — is a balancing act.

“Each year is different,” Tornatore said. “I would say that every year, despite our experience, we have to start from A again and work our way through to Z.”

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