American teacher documents life in Wuhan, center of coronavirus | USA TODAY

American teacher documents life in Wuhan, center of coronavirus | USA TODAY

Coronavirus outbreak: American teacher documents life in Wuhan.
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American teacher Dr. Diana Adama documented what life in Wuhan, China is like amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Roland Lee

    Good luck building a network over there.. We tried that in another city, got shut down repeatedly, after 3 times and several people getting rather threatening warning messages about "sharing and spreading rumors" we decided to leave it be. There is a very deliberate campaign undertaken by the authorities to keep people in the dark and your phone is being screened for videos, links and images you may have on it. Done via the Wechat app, although Americans would know all about how that works I suppose lol

  2. Daniel Chavez

    Please don’t let negative people with nothing constructive to say, prevent you from posting more videos. It’s admirable that you want to volunteer your time and knowledge in spite of the current conditions. Best of luck, stay healthy and please keep documenting and posting!

  3. Arcadian Duke

    The media sure wants us to keep focused on this. To be fair, if China wanted to wipe us out before we even knew what happened, they could have intentionally sent over thousands of the infected. That's the lesson I take away from the constant drumbeat from the media.

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