America Is Living Through Trump’s ‘Hypocalypse,’ Jimmy Kimmel Says

America Is Living Through Trump’s ‘Hypocalypse,’ Jimmy Kimmel Says

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Over the weekend, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes (“one of Team Trump’s most devoted disciples,” Jimmy Kimmel joked Monday), denied reports that he had played a role in asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

“Although it’s kind of funny: Trump didn’t touch Conan during the visit; he just kept his arms at his sides. But the vice president, Mike Pence, is giving him a friendly pet, the whole thing. It was nice. It was nice to see Trump’s dogs playing together, it really was.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“He was actually so well behaved during the Oval Office appearance that Mike Pence gave him a treat afterward. Not the dog — Donald Trump.” — JAMES CORDEN

[Imitating Trump] I love this type of dog — it’s a special type, a certain type. My third favorite after hot and corn. Wait, does chili count?” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“The president gave Conan the dog a plaque, which I’m sure he will treasure, and presented Conan with a medal. You know what kind of medal the president gives a dog? The medal of fleadom.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Conan knew exactly what was going on, which is why the dog has released the memoir: ‘A-paw-lling: My Ruff Time in the Trump White House — He’s Not a Good Boy’ by Conan T. Herodog.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

The “Star Wars” actor Daisy Ridley rapped a recap of all eight films from the franchise on the “Tonight Show.”

Andrew Yang will make his first appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

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