Amazon, Instacart workers plan strike for better protection, pay | USA TODAY

Amazon, Instacart workers plan strike for better protection, pay | USA TODAY

Instacart, Amazon employees to walk out for better coronavirus protection, pay.
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Some Amazon and Instacart workers planned to go on strike for better pay and protection during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Joey VanOstrand

    Every one of those turds are nothing special and are immediately replaceable.
    Picking out groceries and filling and taping boxes does not qualify as skilled labor. You are a drone. Get used to it.
    You walk out, you lose your job.
    Plenty of folks willing to take your place.

  2. Shotgunbobby1

    Look, gloves and sanitizers are reasonable, but if they’re trying to get “Hazard pay” then shame on them!!!! Health care workers are putting themselves right in the middle of this deadly virus and we don’t get any different pay than normal! Down to the Environmental Services staff, should get more. Any Pandemic IMO goes WAY above and beyond what we normally do and signed up for. But none of us ask for it; so if these people think hazard pay if fair than I would say I’m sure there’s 3 million people who would love to have a job that’s paying them. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Robert Shaffer

    I spoke with my Instacart shopper who was doing this because her other job had closed down. She had no gloves, masks, wipes, nothing. So I gave her two of my N95 masks (I only had a very few), a bunch of gloves, and a fair number of disinfectant wipes. I also left a generous tip. Lovely young woman just trying to provide for herself and her kids.

  4. T J

    People have no empathy. I worked at Amazon this past Christmas and let me tell you, it felt like slave labor. Of course we were getting paid, but that job is extremely hard on the body. Legs wanted to fall off; body aching. I lasted one month there. Anyone who works there longer than that is an extremely strong person. There's a reason why you get your AMZN packages in only two days. The volume right now must be through the roof!!

  5. George

    Pay them close to nothing, watch them die of starvation, they go on strike, fire them, hire more illegals, people get upset that they dont get free shit, prices go lower, pay them close to nothing, they go on strike, fire them, hire more illegals, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.

  6. The Official Andy Saenz

    Jeff Bezos by himself is worth $130 BILLION. He can very well afford to give all his Amazon and Whole Foods employees a pay raise during this COVID-19 pandemic. He could also afford to provide proper cleaning supplies and PPE. And he would still be the world's wealthiest person!

  7. S C

    I know for a fact amazon employees are ignoring every precaution given to them by the company. They also stole the hand sanitizer provided for them on the very first day. They refuse to maintain distance, they still shake hands and ghetto bump, they congregate in the break room. When management tells them to separate and points to the spacing tape on the floor or one of the 6 million signs telling them to keep apart, they refuse. This is at our local distribution center. These are facts. They are doing everything in their power to ignore company safety guidelines. They don’t need more money, they need brains. Do NOT pity these people. They are bending over backwards to catch this virus.

  8. Hal

    Instacart needs to understand theyre sending shoppers into the unkown, shoppers are obviously frontliners too, they deal with stealth carriers who doesnt know theyre infected! HAND SANITIZERS ARE NOT ENOUGH. Shoppers need PPES like MASKS and GLOVES. Periodttttt.

  9. JuggaloSupreme

    Good for them! Amazon doesn't even PAY TAXES!!! But the workers will! Who do u think pays for the deficit? TAXPAYERS!!!

    So drumpf bailed em out and WE pay for the deficit…and the TINY checks sent to buy us off but don't pay ONE MONTH of bills!


  10. Independent Insurance Agents

    I would fire all of them and hire new workers. It’s a shame that they are using a time like this to try and extort money. My daughter was just laid off and these suckers are protesting. They have a job! That’s why companies are phasing out so many jobs and going automated. Some humans are just terrible. It’s just extortion.

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