All Hail Samin Nosrat! – The New York Times

All Hail Samin Nosrat! – The New York Times

Good morning. Samin Nosrat has a beautiful column in The New York Times Magazine this week that sadly will be her last for at least the rest of the year, as she heads off into the world to travel, learn, eat and cook, in part so she can bring us a whole library of exciting new recipes when she returns.

To go with it, Samin gave us both a great recipe for farro e pepe (above) and a game-changing technique for making the sauce that, if you’d like to serve it with pasta in the traditional Roman way, helps guarantee success every time. So make something e pepe for dinner tonight and say with us: Bon voyage, Samin! We’ll keep a light on.

Tomorrow, among other things, you can make banoffee pie. (Banoffee is a portmanteau of two of the pie’s ingredients, bananas and toffee, a frankenword that sounds like it might be a town in the English countryside.) It’ll blow minds if you serve it as a surprise after a dinner of, let’s say, fish tacos — the culinary equivalent of a Stephen Curry three.

Chicken salad would be a fine thing to cook this weekend and especially this chicken salad, from Julia Moskin, that makes for incredible sandwiches on sourdough bread. Julia doesn’t say it explicitly, but for sure you could add some cut grapes to the mix, for that casino by the beach luncheon vibe.

I could also go for some blistered green beans and tomatoes, with honey, harissa and mint. Not to mention, coconut-poached fish with bok choy. Do you have time this weekend to make crisp lamb with yogurt and scallions? You do!

There are thousands more recipes for you to consider cooking this weekend on NYT Cooking. Like, you could make ice cream. You could put together a make-ahead salad to bring to a cookout, or a potluck, or to serve later in the day in the peace and tranquillity of your own home. Of course you’ll need a subscription to access them, but we think it’s a fair trade: our labor for your enjoyment!

But you can visit us gratis on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. (Quality content: Here’s a great video of Yewande Komolafe making jollof rice.) And I hope you will get in touch directly if anything goes wrong with your cooking or our technology. We’ve got boffins standing by at; you can shout at me at

Now, let’s recall that life in the kitchen leads to pleasure at the table, but it’s not as if all we’re going to talk about when we eat is the quality of the olive oil or ripeness of the peaches. So please do read this remarkable Washington Post investigation into the business of tigers in America, by Karin Brulliard.

This is the White Stripes, “Jolene,” live and fairly electrifying.

Do you need a beach read, subway read, airplane-to-Las-Vegas-for-a-convention read, something to page through in the air-conditioned silence before bed? I’m thinking you may enjoy “Big Sky,” by Kate Atkinson, Book No. 5 in her Jackson Brodie detective series.

Finally, Ashley C. Ford on Missy Elliott in Marie Claire is pretty great, with fantastic photography by Micaiah Carter. So read that as well, and I’ll see you on Sunday.

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