5 surprising State of the Union moments, including Trump's handshake snub | USA TODAY

5 surprising State of the Union moments, including Trump's handshake snub | USA TODAY

State of the Union: 5 breakout moments.
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President Donald Trump’s State of the Union had several unusual moments, including his refusal to shake House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand.

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  1. Luna Xarsenal

    Sarcasm Did you notice how he “snubbed” his own Vice President? He must equally hate them both!!

    SMH…MAYBE, he didn’t expect a handshake? It doesn’t matter who did what first, Pelosi escalated the situation. If Trump did in fact “snub” her then that’s on him. But just like in sports, the person who retaliated gets the more severe punishment.

    She is disgusting and just lost the DNC the election. I’m not a huge fan of Trump but this just shows how radicalized the Democrats have become. They don’t care to appropriately represent the people who entrusted them to office, they simply feel like oligarchs with all the power in the world. You can say what you want about trump and his tact(less) ways, but he has endured more opposition in his four years than any other president. I don’t think left media (ie CNN) has ever said anything good about him. That’s how you know there is bias.

    This is no longer the part of Kennedy, nor even the party of Obama. This party is trivial, petty, unprofessional, and radicalized. The majority of Americans are annoyed and will not vote for any Dem candidates. They just gave Trump 2020. They will blame racism, sexism, xenophobia…but they fail to see that they have created such a divide that they have ostracized the silent majority and are delusional enough to think they have the majority of simply because they’re louder. I miss the DNC of the 90’s…these are now radical socialists.

  2. brittanyrose lonergan

    1. I dont think he noticed
    2. That guy didnt do anything to earn that medal.
    3. Why was he escorted out he was just sitting there?
    4. That was a sweet moment. As a military brat I love when soldiers come home
    5. It was petty, but she sent a strong message and is a major mood.

  3. Paranoid

    U.S Democrats: Pelsoi is a HERO
    The rest of the world besides U.S Republicans and Conservatives: What a bxtch, she just threw the biggest tantrum and made herself look bad.

    And she did make herself look bad. She many be a hero in the U.S but not in any other country.

  4. Stretch Smith

    The devil bowed her head
    Because she knew that she’d been beat
    And she laid that golden pen
    On the ground at Donald’s feet
    Donald said, "Nancy, just come on back
    If you ever want to try again
    I done told you once you drunk old witch
    I'm still your PRESIDENT"

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